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Insert custom HTML or Latex code

Hi everyone, today I found out how to insert custom code into your RedNotebook entries. Actually this has been possible a long time already, thanks to the amazing txt2tags module. I’ll quote the help file to show you how to … Continue reading

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RedNotebook for OpenSUSE

Good news for all SUSE friends: Matthias Propst has packed RedNotebook for OpenSUSE! You have two options how to use the packages: Use the repository: If you add the repository, you will automatically get all updates. Open a terminal and … Continue reading

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RedNotebook portable

A user asked me if it was possible to create a standalone version of RedNotebook for Linux. At his job they only have Python 2.3 and no PyYAML and PyGTK. So I fiddled around a little bit with cx_freeze and … Continue reading

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Map of RedNotebook users

Hi, Jonathan has just sent me an update of the RedNotebook users map. I think this is pretty cool. And these are only the Ubuntu users, and only those that updated to 0.8.7 in the last 36 hours. All other … Continue reading

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Ubuntu repository

Get RedNotebook for Ubuntu Jonathan Wiltshire has created a repository for Ubuntu. You can use that repository and always get the latest RedNotebook version automatically. Enable the repository either by using a graphical or command line approach. If anything is … Continue reading

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Version 0.6.0 is out

Hi Everyone, RedNotebook 0.6.0 has just been released. The change to 0.6.x marks that the transition from wxWidgets to PyGTK is done and that all old features are now implemented. As you may have seen there are also many new … Continue reading

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Wanted: Windows Packager

You may have realized that there is only a Windows installer for version 0.4.0 and none for the 0.5.x series. That’s due to the problem, that I’d like to focus on adding new features and don’t have the time to … Continue reading

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PyGTK rocks!

Hello, I am glad to announce that RedNotebook has been ported to PyGTK. And it only took one weekend 😉 This was necessary as it became harder and harder to improve the diary with wxPython. I don’t want to start … Continue reading

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Status Update

Happy New Year everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress with RedNotebook. I received some e-mails and bugreports. Thank you very much for that. Unfortunately I don’t have much time and no internet connection at … Continue reading

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