Insert custom HTML or Latex code

Hi everyone,
today I found out how to insert custom code into your RedNotebook entries. Actually this has been possible a long time already, thanks to the amazing txt2tags module. I’ll quote the help file to show you how to insert your custom html tags like coloring or your latex commands like math equations.

To insert custom code into your entries surround the code with single quotes. Use 2 single quotes for inline insertions and 3 single quotes if you want to insert a whole paragraph. For paragraphs be sure to put the single quotes on their own line.

Text Output
''<font color="red">Red text</font>'' Red text
''$a^2$'' $a^2$ (a2 in Latex)

This feature can be used to insert e.g. latex formulas:

$$\sum_{i=1}^{n} i = \frac{n \cdot (n+1)}{2}$$

will produce a nice looking formula in the Latex export.

Hope you like this new feature!

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