RedNotebook in your language

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that RedNotebook is now fully translatable. That means that if you’re lucky, you’ll get the next version of RedNotebook in your language!

I have already finished the German translation and some folks are already working on the French and Romanian one. If you’d like to help out providing RedNotebook for your fellow speakers, you can easily do so.

Just head over to the translation page, become a member of the Launchpad Translators and start translating. Your help is very much appreciated.

Take care!

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2 Responses to RedNotebook in your language

  1. surfinmdq says:

    I contributed translating RN. Now, how do I get the already installed english RN to my language? Thanks!

    • Jendrik says:

      If you translated RedNotebook at you will see the app in your language in the next version.

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