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Get RedNotebook for Ubuntu

Jonathan Wiltshire has created a repository for Ubuntu. You can use that repository and always get the latest RedNotebook version automatically. Enable the repository either by using a graphical or command line approach. If anything is unclear, just drop me a note in the forum. Please remember that a new version won’t be available immediately in the repo. Jonathan wants to test new debs thoroughly before uploading them, so please be patient.

Karmic Koala and Lucid Lynx:

If you’re using Ubuntu Karmic or Lucid, you find RedNotebook in the Software-Center. In Firefox you can install it from here

Latest Deb Packages:

If you’d like to try a newer version than the ones included in Ubuntu and don’t want to use the repository, you can also directly navigate to the repository and download the latest deb files there.

Repository (Graphical Tools):

Instructions on adding a new repository can also be found in the Ubuntu Documentation.

There is an excellent Step-by-step tutorial with pictures on how to add the repo.

  • Open SystemAdministrationSoftware Sources and select Third Party Software.
  • Click Add to add a new repository.
  • Enter the appropriate APT line for the RedNotebook repository.
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu hardy/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu intrepid/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu jaunty/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu karmic/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu lucid/
  • Click Add Source and then click Close to save your changes.
  • You might be notified that the information about available software is out-of-date. Click Reload.
  • In your package manager you can now install the packages rednotebook and powdarrmonkey-keyring (contains GPG-key for security, see below).

Repository (Command Line):

  • Open a terminal and call
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
  • Add the appropriate line to the opened file and save the file:
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu hardy/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu intrepid/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu jaunty/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu karmic/
deb http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu lucid/

(You can change the http to https for more security)

  • Then type the following in a terminal to download the gpg key and install RedNotebook:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rednotebook powdarrmonkey-keyring


As a security measure, the repository uses a GPG key to digitally sign the files. This makes it easy to check that the files have not been tampered with since their creation. In order for your package manager to be able to check this, you need the public key that corresponds to the signatures.

Jonathan’s GPG key is included in the powdarrmonkey-keyring package. This package will automatically be updated when he annually has to renew his key.

Jonathan has enabled SSL for the repository, so you can now use https:// instead of http:// in the links for maximum security (the apt-transport-https package, which is needed for that, is installed by default in Ubuntu).

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73 Responses to Ubuntu repository

  1. Benjamin says:

    Read about this in Linux Format. I had heard of it before but thought I’d give it a go.

    Seems nice. One thing I would like to see is the ability to sync this to a central server and pull changes. This could easily be accomplished with scp. Essentially an option to sync so that if I work on it at work, then I can go home and pull down the changes. I wouldn’t mind using my own server if there was a place to set it up. Just a thought.

    On my own I guess I can just write sync scripts run via cron although it would be nice if I could hook them to the startup and exit functions.

    • Jendrik says:

      I think Conduit is a really good option for syncing the data. Give it a try. It’s pretty easy.

      By the way: Please use the forum for any suggestions or discussions.

  2. uphillarnie says:

    the link to the gpg key is not working

  3. uphillarnie says:

    and so it is. Thanks mate!

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  5. savvas says:

    I’ve created a team and a PPA (Personal package archive) repository for rednotebook:

    This repo is deprecated. Please use the official one from above.

  6. Lutfi says:

    I’m use Ubuntu 8.04 / Hardy (LTS version). Any package for Hardy?

  7. chris says:

    I installed RedNotebook on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) with the Graphical Tools Repository method ; the installation did work fine, but when I launch RedNotebook, I just have “Starting RedNotebook…” on a tab at the bottom of the screen, then it is closed, and then nothing no more.
    What a pity for me, I was very interested by this application.
    Any idea ? If it is not possible to solve, I will desinstall RedNotebook very soon.
    Sorry for my english, I am french

    • Jendrik says:

      Hi chris,
      this problem is probably related to the bug filed here. Please read the instructions on how to solve it. To fix this error once and for all, can you please send me some files from the $HOME/.rednotebook directory? This way I can find out what caused the problem.

      The files are

      and if possible your data/ folder

      To find the files, open your home directory, press and H to view the hidden files and open the .rednotebook directory.
      You can either append the files to the bugreport at launchpad or send them to me directly via e-mail.
      Please confirm if that approach fixed the problem for you.

      As it turns out, this was a bug that already has been fixed in 0.7.5, so updating should fix the problem for all those experiencing the error.

  8. chris says:

    Thank you, Jendrik !

    problem solved.

  9. Hakan says:

    Recent problem with the latest version?

    Err http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net jaunty/ rednotebook 0.8.2-1ubuntu1~jaunty1
    404 Not Found
    Failed to fetch http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu/jaunty/rednotebook_0.8.2-1ubuntu1~jaunty1_all.deb 404 Not Found

    • jmw says:

      Sorry about that, the repository got messed up. You should do an update now and get version 0.8.3 (or, if I’ve got round to it, 0.8.4).

  10. manishmahabir says:

    In addition to import and export option could we have a sync option(as in tomboy notes),so that we can sync it to a folder in the Ubuntu one folder….or an option to save my notes in the folder of our choice (in this case in my Ubuntu one) folder

    • Jendrik says:

      You can just do “Journal/File”->”Save as” to save your journal to a different location.

  11. EB says:


    I’m trying to install your application but I keep getting this message:

    Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with –fix-missing?

    Any suggestions?


  12. JohnM says:

    Just curious if the Jaunty repo still broken? I’ve noticed that we are now two versions behind on Ubuntu, and I don’t see any updates showing up in the terminal running ” sudo apt-get-upgrade”, nor does it show up in Synaptic when I refesh the repos. Thanks!

  13. John M says:

    OK, thanks for your reply. Was just a little concerned as I keep getting those pop-ups about a new version when I open rednoteboook every day, but there wasn’t anything showing up in the repos, so just thought I’d ask.

    Thanks again (both for your reply and your wonderful appplication)!

  14. John M says:

    Just compiled and installed from source package. Everything appears to be well, installed in proper directories and reports most up to date version, although my packaging skills are a bit rusty, it seems to have worked fine. Thanks for making it available!

  15. manishmahabir says:

    > You can just do “Journal/File”->”Save as” to save your journal to a different location.

    is there an option to import the saved journal/file after i reinstall it?

  16. Olivia says:

    Karmic official repo has an older version. Any way I can get the new version for Karmic?

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  18. Brian Averill says:

    Rednotebook is installed but when I try to run the following exception occurs:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/rednotebook”, line 11, in
    import rednotebook.redNotebook
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/rednotebook/redNotebook.py”, line 239, in
    from rednotebook.gui.mainWindow import MainWindow
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/rednotebook/gui/mainWindow.py”, line 60, in
    from rednotebook.gui.exportAssistant import ExportAssistant
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/rednotebook/gui/exportAssistant.py”, line 29, in
    from rednotebook.gui import browser
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/rednotebook/gui/browser.py”, line 31, in
    import glib
    ImportError: No module named glib

    What should I do to fix this?


    • Jendrik says:

      Hi, for the moment you can just remove line 31 in browser.py (you will probably need sudo for that). The error will be fixed in version 0.9.0.

      • Brian Averill says:

        Thank you for your help. Rednotebook loads now. I am looking forward to making good use of it.

  19. Vadim P. says:

    Installed fine in Koala via the software centre, thank you.

  20. Craigo says:


    Just followed the command-line repository instructions for Ubuntu. Apart from MIT’s pgp site timing out on the first attempt, everything went smoothly. Anyway, you write:

    “New in Version 0.8.9: You can now save your journals on a remote server. SSH, FTP and WebDAV…”

    Have you looked at making this “couch-able” (couchdb) for use with eucalyptus-enabled servers? The reason I ask is that we’re looking at what it would take to roll out our own company’s cloud & eucalyptus seems to have momentum.

    Regardless, thank you very much for this project,

    • Jendrik says:

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t think I will find any time for such undertakings in the near future. I think this would require a whole lot of restructuring…


  21. Joe says:

    I just followed the instructions for adding the repository in ubuntu 9.10, got the gpg error, then added the key, update-manager found rednotebook and installed it but when I run the app, it still shows version 0.8.9.

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  23. jmw says:

    Ubuntu Karmic and Jaunty repositories now have version 0.9.1.

  24. Rene Hasekamp says:

    This is a great program. I tranferred all my diary entries from about three years by hand from various programs to rednotebook.
    I downloaded and installed your .DEB file (from http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net/ubuntu/jaunty/) Sadly it is one version behind, so the spell checker doesn’t work. Is there a work-around for that (in Ubuntu jaunty)?
    Or when will the latest version appear there?
    I a not someboddy who adds repositories for ecvery program or who builds from tarballs.

    • Rene Hasekamp says:

      (as you see from my posting, and as I see now myself, I need a spell checker badly!)

      • Rene Hasekamp says:

        OK, After all I ventured to install the tarball, following the README instructions and it went fine, and everything seems to work. Thanks.
        Now one more question remains:
        Rednotebook does not appear now in Synaptic after this way of installing.
        So, if I want to upgrade (later), how can I uninstall this version again?

    • jmw says:

      I’ll be uploading 0.9.2 to the repositories shortly, there are some complications this time because of an on-going Python transition in Debian. In any case, there’s usually a lag of a few days because I like to test thoroughly 🙂

      • jmw says:

        I’ve answered your second question in launchpad:


        I’m not sure why RedNotebook does not appear in Synaptic, but I do not recommend installing the .deb files manually. This may be the reason.

      • Jendrik says:

        Thanks for answering that. Just to clarify: Rene has installed RedNotebook with “python setup.py install”. There is no way that synaptic could get informed about this. This is why it is always better to install the deb package or best to add the repository.

        Once Jonathan uploads the new package, you’ll probably have to erase the files here (https://answers.launchpad.net/rednotebook/+question/98644) manually.

        For the future, if you want to run bleeding edge RedNotebook from source, I recommend just starting the application from commandline without installing it (will be added to the README file).

  25. nicoliniyo says:

    I’ve used apt-get command to download, install seams fine, but when I ty to run, the starting windows on the bottom of my ubuntu karmic disapears, chek the log and I found (see stacktrace at the bottom) that some thing is missing, thanks for your time!:

    2010-01-27 11:17:12,053 INFO RedNotebook version: 0.8.1

    /usr/share/rednotebook/rednotebook/gui/mainWindow.py:66: GtkWarning: gtk_toolbar_set_icon_size: assertion `icon_size != GTK_ICON_SIZE_INVALID’ failed
    self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile)
    /usr/share/rednotebook/rednotebook/gui/mainWindow.py:66: GtkWarning: Theme directory scalable/apps/24 of theme OSX_Iconset has no size field

    self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile)
    /usr/share/rednotebook/rednotebook/gui/mainWindow.py:66: GtkWarning: Theme directory scalable/stock/128 of theme OSX_Iconset has no size field

    self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile)
    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “/usr/share/rednotebook/rednotebook/gui/keepnote/gui/richtext/__init__.py”, line 1204, in enable_spell_check
    self._spell_checker = gtkspell.Spell(self)
    glib.GError: enchant error for language: es_BO.UTF-8

    • Jendrik says:

      You should try downloading the newest deb or adding the repository. This error has been fixed in newer versions. Please tell me if this helped.

  26. herasheron says:

    I’m using a pre-release version of Lucid which had RedNoteBook in the Lucid repository. Of course, it is a version behind. (It has 9.1 rather than 9.2.) So, to try out 9.2 I unpacked the tar file into a folder in my Home folder. The file called “RedNoteBook Desktop” has to be right-clicked to grant permission for it to act as
    an exec file. Creating a launcher from the desk top does not work, but The RNB Desktop file can be copied onto
    the desktop to run RNB from there. Perhaps that file could simply be moved to the Dsktop? The program cued me to go to the .RedNoteBook folder in the Home folder and choosing the Data folder imported any entry from the other version into the newer one. I’m sure there are more astute ways…

    • Jendrik says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t really get what you want to say… What is wrong and how do you suppose to fix it?

  27. herasheron says:

    Fix? I am really impressed that RNB is now in the Ubuntu repository.The first version I installed was from a Debi file, I think. But there should be some way to do the updates independent of that repository. Something like Ubuntuzilla for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey. Or the way Songbird does for the nightlies..

    I was just describing a work-around and I am sorry you do not get it.

    • jmw says:

      I think I understand what you mean. When Lucid is released, I will (probably) begin a Lucid repository for RedNotebook and if you have it enabled, you’ll get updates through it. The version of RN that will be in the official Ubuntu repositories is going to be 0.9.1 or 0.9.2.

      If you don’t want to use a repository, just download the .deb file from my repository by hand when I release it.

      • jmw says:

        Aha, I am now in a position to confirm that the version in the official Lucid repositories will be 0.9.2. Hope that helps.

  28. Paul says:

    Have been looking for a neat little journal program I can use for my up and coming trip back to France, and RN seems to offer things I like. It is quick also.

    I am running Lucid Alpha and all seems fine, albeit one version behind.

    But, one thing I would like to know if it is possible do now or make a request for the next release.

    When I insert a picture/photo it inserts as the original full resolution size when I preview. What I would like is for an option to resize the picture for nicer viewing. A high res photo needs me to scroll about and it is not so nice or easy to see. By being able to resize the viewing of the picture without actually changing the original saved picture would be fantastic.

    Is there a way I can do this without having to go into another app to resize the?


    • Jendrik says:

      I’m sorry, at the moment RedNotebook does not provide image resizing. Although there are plans to add such functionality, it might take a while 😉 So at the moment you will probably have to resize your images using gimp or imagemagick.

  29. Rnb Remix says:

    Very cool ! Thanks for sharing. Now I’m following you..

  30. dump says:

    do you have a deb package for ubuntu lucid for the last release RedNotebook 0.9.4


  31. haruo says:

    My RedNotebook was fine on Ubuntu 9.10 until yesterday.
    I seem to remember there was an update(?) for RedNotebook through the Ubuntu update manager.

    After that, every time I run the Ubuntu updater, I get the same error.

    W: GPG error: http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net karmic/ Release:

    Saying the following signature is not valid, “KEYEXPIRED 1273851430”.

    Actually, I installed ttf-mscorefonts-installer yesterday. Soon after, I knew that this had caused some problems, by looking at this.

    Then, I deleted ttf-mscorefonts-installer, by typing:

    sudo aptitude purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer

    Still, I get the same error.
    In addition, I deleted the GPG key, and reinstalled it. Yet, still I get the error.

    Any hint would be appreciated!

  32. Bernd says:

    Well, the key has simply expired.

    • haruo says:

      I see… Then, how should I do?

      • jmw says:


        Sorry about the inconvenience. For now, a workaround is to open a terminal and type:

        sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --refresh-keys

        In the long term, I will publish a package that takes care of the key management for you.

  33. Joe says:

    Key broken… I tried the above steps and imported the new gpg key but when I try to get the new key from either pgp.mit.edu or keyserver, it times out.

    I tried using an http_proxy and without.. both fail. Any other way to do this?

    • jmw says:

      Yes, as of a few minutes ago. Please install the powdarrmonkey-keyring from the repository (you will have to accept the warning that it is not trusted). It will update the key and keep it up to date in future.

      Note – this is experimental, when I’ve tested it further I’ll ask Jendrik to announce it properly.

  34. Hello,

    Do you know when the karmic 1.0.0 version will be uploaded ?


  35. mschayna says:

    Any plans for deploying 1.1+ for Ubuntu Lucid on http://robin.powdarrmonkey.net or have to use source? Remembering of active tab Search makes me a bit eager 🙂

    Thank you, it’s brilliant piece of software.

  36. jmw says:

    To follow up on that bug, as I suspected Debian was frozen this morning, so the official version in Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Maverick will be RN 1.0 with a patch to fix the Turkish locale. When I’m back from my holidays I will sort out backports to 1.1 for other Ubuntu versions.

  37. dump says:

    when it will available maverick repository ?


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