Status Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the progress with RedNotebook.

I received some e-mails and bugreports. Thank you very much for that. Unfortunately I don’t have much time and no internet connection at home at the moment and therefore I can’t fix those issues right away. I will have a new connection and more time after January 15th. So expect a new release with minor changes and bugfixes around January 20th 😉

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13 Responses to Status Update

  1. Michael Slay says:

    Can you put a password on opening RedNotebook? Nothing really strong, I just don’t want others to open it and read my personal thoughts. I would want something along the lines of the toy key on the front of the paper diaries. Something that says this is private, but won’t really stop anyone if they want to disregard that privacy.

    • digitaldump says:

      I guess that could be done. Thanks for your input! Currently there are other things I have to take care of, but when I find the time I’ll probably implement that.

  2. dave says:

    Thanks, and looking great so far!

    I know you got a lot to work on, but here is my 2 cents….

    I keep a private journal and the two things every software does that I hate is 1) you can’t scroll down through your entries, but must click on each one either in a calendar, or in a tree (argh, how inefficient!) and 2) no tags.

    BTW, I love the cloud, great idea!!!

    • digitaldump says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. I think I will add keyboard shortcuts for browsing through days as scrolling will probably not work. If you scroll on the calendar the month changes and if you scroll on the text view, the text moves down, so there is no space where scrolling makes sense.

      You’re wrong about the second point. There are tags, they’re just a little hard to find. You can look for them in the FAQ 😉 I guess that has to be made simpler. We’ll see…

  3. Salman says:

    Hi Buddy Great Software,
    But Please Put A Password Protection,Not A Cryptic One But Strong Enough To Keep My Personal Thoughts Personal!
    That Would Be Great…

  4. Pompilio says:

    Red notebook is very good and simple solution for reporting my work days. Nice.
    I usually work on 2 and more computers.
    So for me is better when I can save RedNotebook data files by ftp or ssh connection. (of course it has to be synchronized)

    Maybe it will be in next release. ;o)


  5. Nikos says:

    Hi there!

    Really great app. Keep going!

    I would like to see the following if possible:

    1. Password to open file
    2. Encryption
    3. The possibility to save the file wherever I want and not only in /home/user/.rednotebook folder. This would make data transfer between two or more computers more easy.


  6. Jendrik says:

    Hi everyone,
    thanks for your suggestions. I will think about the best solution for encryption/password and remote saving/Export-Import.

  7. Bogdan says:


    your RedNotebook just appeared in the Debian testing repository – and I liked it a lot, though not as a diary but a kind of light MS OneNote replacement.

    Thank you!

  8. Steve says:

    Just read about RedNoteBook a magazine and downloaded the windows version (0.6.4) to give it a try …. really nice – may be looking to replace my personal wiki’s that i use to keep notes.

    Couple of comments and ideas I had along the way
    * A spell checker would be a good addition
    * I may have missed it, but an “undo” ctrl-z
    * In the html export, create a “diary” look that dates can be clicked on to get to the text (or even better the clouds)

    Will be looking back, to see how this develops … great work

  9. Michael says:

    Just started using the program which I think is great. This my second day so I am learning as I go along. A couple notes.

    *I second the Undo feature after deleting a paragraph accidentally.
    *Is there plans on making a Mac version (fiancée wants to use the program)
    *Search Tags? You can click on a Cloud word to generate a search but is there a way with the Tags?

    Can’t remember the others.

    Thanks for the great program.

    • Jendrik says:

      Thanks for your suggestions. I don’t have a mac, so I cannot build any mac version. In principle building a mac version should not be a big problem for a mac guy as the libs should be available for mac too and the python code is platform independent.

      Search Tags: When I click on a tag in the tag cloud, a search is started for all the days with that tag. I guess I don’t understand your question 😉

  10. tia says:

    Just for statistics, I join the “encryption” fan club! For those who write personal stuff and have the slightest chance that somebody else uses their pc is very important..
    Very nice job however, I just updated to the latest 0.7.2 for Jaunty and seems to work perfectly.

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