New site

Hello everyone! Glad you found your way to the new site.

As I had repeated difficulties with my Dokuwiki installation, I decided to upload the RedNotebook content to this site.

So navigate to the RedNotebook page and enjoy the new 0.2.0 release!

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  1. FLACvest says:

    Hello, I just found RedNotebook the other day and left a cheerful little post about it on Any Manner Of Things…

    Just wanted to say hello, give you some praise, and say thanks!!!

    Can hardly wait till you get all the “standard” features (like Word Cloud, Search, and Export) rolled back into the 0.5.x series!

    Have Fun!

  2. iain says:

    Just wanted to say that RedNoteBook is very good for me. I have been using Treepad lite which is less of a diary app. Can I ask how one would go about restoring from the backup?

    Great app thanx


  3. Jan Viljoen says:

    Hi. Brief intro: I am a psychologists that is running an on-line practice. I got fed-up with all the problems that windows presented me with, so I changed to Ubuntu 9.04. Only dealing with for 2 months now. Find that it far more suitable for on-line developments and services than windows. I am no computer/program expert, but to some extent can help myself a little bit.

    The first problem was to find substitutes for programs that I used in windows for structuring my services. One of such programs was a diary format program to capture my clients data on a day to day basis per individual (i.e. their daily/weekly on-line activities) which I interpret and provide feedback. Worked fine, accept that it a windows base program an developer has no intent of releasing a Linux version.

    By hook and by crook I stumble onto RedNoteBook. I installed it and initial evaluation seem that it has most of what I was looking for. Unfortunately I explored a function of running multiple journals (i.e. a journal for each client) and created a temporary directory to determine what will happen. I found that I only could save as “predefined name” in a different directory, but cannot open it again. So I deleted the directory and ever since I could get RedNoteBook launched.

    The program launches (can see the window), but then NOTHING. Can you please advise on how to get it operational again (I can help myself, but in a programming for dummies manner) because… What I have seen thus far, it seems that this program can provide me with the functionalities I need, plus a few extras that could be quite handy.

    I would like to explore the program in more detail to determine whether it is a acceptable replacement for my windows program.

    Thank you in advance for your attention paid to this comment/cry for help

    Must admit that it seems like quite a KISS (keep it simple stupid) program that gives the needed functions without much fuss. In other words, not as “bloated” and “stocked” with useless features (i.e. smilies) that doesn’t help to get the things done that I wants to do.

    Looking forward to hear from you in the near future.

    • Jendrik says:

      Thanks for your comment. You can solve the problem by editing the configuration file ($HOME/.rednotebook/configuration.cfg). Change the dir behind “dataDir=” to a directory that really exists (and is empty). This bug will be fixed in the next version.

      I don’t understand the other problem:
      “I found that I only could save as “predefined name” in a different directory, but cannot open it again.”

      Can you maybe explain that?

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