Insert custom HTML or Latex code

Hi everyone,
today I found out how to insert custom code into your RedNotebook entries. Actually this has been possible a long time already, thanks to the amazing txt2tags module. I’ll quote the help file to show you how to insert your custom html tags like coloring or your latex commands like math equations.

To insert custom code into your entries surround the code with single quotes. Use 2 single quotes for inline insertions and 3 single quotes if you want to insert a whole paragraph. For paragraphs be sure to put the single quotes on their own line.

Text Output
''<font color="red">Red text</font>'' Red text
''$a^2$'' $a^2$ (a2 in Latex)

This feature can be used to insert e.g. latex formulas:

$$\sum_{i=1}^{n} i = \frac{n \cdot (n+1)}{2}$$

will produce a nice looking formula in the Latex export.

Hope you like this new feature!

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RedNotebook for OpenSUSE

Good news for all SUSE friends: Matthias Propst has packed RedNotebook for OpenSUSE! You have two options how to use the packages:

Use the repository:

If you add the repository, you will automatically get all updates. Open a terminal and write:

zypper ar -f l1zard
zypper ref
zypper in rednotebook

Just download the packages:

Go to and download the two RedNotebook packages. In the download directory execute the following command:

rpm -Uhv rednotebook*rpm


There are some packages at

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RedNotebook portable

A user asked me if it was possible to create a standalone version of RedNotebook for Linux. At his job they only have Python 2.3 and no PyYAML and PyGTK. So I fiddled around a little bit with cx_freeze and found a way to produceĀ  a portable RedNotebook version.

By the way, if you want to run the program in portable mode on Windows, just set portable=1 in the files/default.cfg file. Doing this, your journal will be saved in the installation directory instead of in the home directory. Setting this option could also be useful for the portable linux installations, but I haven’t tried that, yet.

I’ll layout the procedure for those who would like to also generate a portable version for Linux:

  • For producing the portable version you need all of RedNotebook’s dependencies installed of course.
  • You will need cx_freeze obviously
  • Download the latest tar.gz source package and extract it
  • Change into the main directory where you also find the README file
  • For the translations run:
    • python i18n
  • Run the following command on one line:
    • cxfreeze --include-path=.
  • Copy the files/, i18n/ and images/ directories from rednotebook/ to the newly created dist/ directory
  • Now you can run the program by double-clicking on the rednotebook executable in the dist/ directory
  • Now you should be able to copy the dist/ dir to a different computer and run RedNotebook there

If you experience any troubles, please leave a comment.

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RedNotebook in Ubuntu Karmic

Great news! The Karmic Koala has just arrived and I like the new version very much. The coolest thing however is that now you can install RedNotebook directly from the new Software-Center or on the command line just by typing:

sudo apt-get install rednotebook

Unfortunately Ubuntu doesn’t always ship the latest versions of some packages. In Karmic you find RedNotebook version 0.8.1. If you want to get a newer version, follow the instructions here to add the new Karmic repository.

Have a nice day!

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Protected: New flat

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RedNotebook in your language

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that RedNotebook is now fully translatable. That means that if you’re lucky, you’ll get the next version of RedNotebook in your language!

I have already finished the German translation and some folks are already working on the French and Romanian one. If you’d like to help out providing RedNotebook for your fellow speakers, you can easily do so.

Just head over to the translation page, become a member of the Launchpad Translators and start translating. Your help is very much appreciated.

Take care!

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Map of RedNotebook users


Jonathan has just sent me an update of the RedNotebook users map. I think this is pretty cool. And these are only the Ubuntu users, and only those that updated to 0.8.7 in the last 36 hours. All other distros and the BSD and Windows users are not included in the map.

Some Numbers: 729 downloads in the map, of which 710 for jaunty and 19 for intrepid.

Update 04.10.09 18:00: The Ubuntu deb package has been downloaded 1350 times, resulting in 850 unique points on the map. Greetings to the people in Honolulu šŸ˜‰ Postcards are always welcome!

There is also a nice and long review about an earlier version of RedNotebook on Associated Content.

So thank you all for spreading the word about RedNotebook!

Cheers, Jendrik

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Protected: First days in Madrid

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